Direct Tech Sales

Direct Tech Sales

Imagine an office full of industry people with vast and well-rounded knowledge, and most importantly, solutions. That is Direct Tech Sales.

We are distributors for commercial televisions, mounting solutions, projectors and screens, audio equipment, digital signage, mobile audio and video systems, and all wire and connecting products. We are the veterans. We have worked on very large projects, and all the way down to the small office projects.

The staff at DTS has worked well together for a long time assisting our dealers. The knowledge and contacts that our staff have gathered makes it possible for DTS to creatively arrive at innovative solutions to assist our customers. We take pride in being the authority in commercial electronics systems for our customers; having answers and solutions is what we do best.

We strive to always be there to help the customer and to always do whatever is necessary. If the staff at DTS needs to stay late to ship so that the customer is happy, then that is what we will do. If we need to find another product to help a customer solve a problem, then we will find it. If we need to help our customers close a deal with their customers or just help them grow, we will do it. We find a way to make it happen, doing whatever it takes.

We pay attention to what is going on in electronics worldwide, and what the future holds. We help steer our customers into new and successful markets. We constantly talk to our customers and the manufacturers to learn and to communicate between the two. We give market feedback to the manufacturers to help them improve product offerings. We are involved with our dealers in a creative way because we are driven to find the best solution to every electronic need.