The EasyMote is all you need for a stress free and easy to navigate experience with your television.

No more complicated remotes! Imagine a remote with only six buttons that can control your TV and cable box. The EasyMote gives our users access to their TV and cable box without being confused by the countless unnecessary buttons on modern day remote controls. Our remote is simple, stylish, and easy to program.

The lightweight and compact design of the EasyMote makes it the ideal feature for any home, nursing home, hotel, or hospital.

The EasyMote offers you the best entertainment with only six basic buttons. The sleek, and elegant design fits comfortably into your hand. The buttons that light up when pressed and there is a red flashing light that indicates use. This feature makes this remote the perfect gift for anyone with impaired vision. Our strong and comfortable wrist strap prevents misplacement and can be removed at any time.

WEBSITE: EasyMote.us