Stormy Tuesday Productions (2010)

Stormy Tuesday Productions (2010)

Stormy Tuesday Productions/Lightning Struck Studios has been working with musicians and businesses in central Indiana.

for more than 20 years. We now offer an Artist Development Program, Web Media, and an Independent Record Label. We put focus on talented working musicians, helping them present their talent in a way that will help them achieve the success they desire and put them closer to their goals.

Utilizing free access to many social web sites for musicians and fans is a great way to promote your band. Many of you are already doing so in a successful way. What we offer is a step above your average band page.

Any web material that is uploaded and tagged from our brand will give your metadata instant web search recognition. Over the last 20 some years we have managed to keep a spot on the front page on many media search engines which is clearly a benefit for our clients. YouTube has generously granted Stormy Tuesday Productions/Lightning Struck Studios an extended media event timeline that extends past a full 60 minutes, allowing for full HD media for Live Band Performance Video, Web Product Marketing or even Training Videos for business.

While not a Commercial Recording Studio or Pro Video Service, we offer great web results working with what we have and offering our best effort. Our gear is not worth a million dollars, but we think it is. Check out the Studio, Video Gear, Green Room and Editing Room.