Sorge Law Firm (2012)

Sorge Law Firm (2012)

Whether you’re an individual, business, entrepreneur, or independent inventor, our top notch legal team will strive to meet all of your needs.

Our various backgrounds and specialties combined with over 30 years of experience, allow us to provide large firm representation at small firm prices.

Innovative minds founded the Sorge Law Firm, LLC with one goal in mind – your success. Our mission is simple — to promote your success by providing superior representation and personalized services. Located in the city of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, 20 miles outside of Cincinnati, we can provide you with full service legal representation without having to pay the inflated, large firm costs.

Unique representation whether you’re an individual, entrepreneur, small business or independent inventor in need of legal services. We understand your needs because like you, we are individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and inventors too. Our various backgrounds and specialties allow us to offer services in virtually every legal field. Our services cover a variety of areas including Intellectual Property and Technology law, Criminal and Civil Law, and Taxation and Business Law.

Our competitive edge is clear – over 30 years of litigation experience, unsurpassed academic credentials including advanced degrees in structural biology, and Fortune 500 corporate management expertise. Our unique backgrounds allow our firm to provide both distinctive legal services unlike most other small firms, and affordable services unlike big city law firms – we succeed with the “law working for you.”