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Landon Keller Music (2016)

Landon Keller is a third generation musician with a captivating and unique songwriting style.

Hidden Relic Productions (2012)

Hidden Relic Productions is a local music production company based in the Midwest.

The Waldemere Revival (2012)

Indianapolis-based The Waldemere Revival’s ambient, folk rock sound has become a staple in the Indiana music scene. With help from dedicated fans

The Midwest Songwriter Circle (2012)

The Midwest Songwriter Circle exists purely to bring the essence of the songwriter to the forefront, free from the confines of early opening acts and cover bars

Frosty Moon Midwest Summit (2010)

Frosty Moon Midwest Summit showcased some of the Midwest’s most talented musicians. Spanning various genres from bluegrass-newgrass to jazz-funk-fusion, over the course of two days in multiple venues across the state of Indiana.